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June 1 - 30, 2003

  Pool Watch 2003
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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

06.30.03 - 2:45 pm (CT)
Oh, it's getting awfully close to 80ºF and Deb at HelpQuest wants me to meet her for lunch… it's a tough call… out to lunch or out in the pool… Sometimes you just have to sacrifice and make the tough decisions and… this time is not one of them, because if I work it right — lunch first, pool second, then back to work — I can do both and still get my work done!

BTW, MindBlog is in the process of a seamless transfer from one hosting service to another; so if you notice a pucker in the seam, do let us know at our Department of Puckerless Seams. There have been changes that I've had to make to my eccounts (grumble, grumble) and the forms are in mid-burp, but otherwise it's been pretty much okay.

Why change hosting services? Well, the (almost maybe) previous host was a big dog company that had swallowed up a very nice, well-behaved, medium-sized dog hosting company; and the big dog was not behaving, so I took it back to the pound and traded it for another medium-sized dog whose behavior has yet (I think) to be established. Essentially, I'm using MindBlog as the guinea pig for all of the other accounts that I manage — better to use a "play" site as the rodent than a business site — if it works out okay, then I'll be moving all of the other accounts to where MindBlog is now (hopefully) located.

So, if you email me or try to sign up for the MindBlog Update List and things don't seem smooth, then you might want to send me some feedback… I know that eddress is working smoothly. And now, off to a late lunch.
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06.25.03 - 7:45 am (CT)
Well, my mother turned a spunky 86-years-old one week ago and she is as determined to reach 100 as I am to reach 130! So, to Eva Jeane Alexander Harper I say, "Go for it… Knock your six kids socks off… Show 'em how it's done by a farm girl from Indiana who moved from very rural America to the big city with the love of her life!"

She grew up in and around Winchester, Indiana where, when her mother became sick and had to be hospitalized for what amounted to the rest of her short life, she raised her four brothers and sisters. It was a "tough row to hoe" for her, but she did a good job and it prepared her well for her future career as a Mom to six precocious (some more than others) kids.

She went to McKinley High School and graduated in 1935 with twelve other classmates. During high school, she was the school librarian and there was this bothersome younger man, Robert Herrold Harper, who just couldn't get enough books to read from a certain librarian. He was very persistent, so she chased him until he caught her, and they married after he graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Biochemistry in 1940.

Their life together was wonderfully busy and happy, but cut short in 1964 when Bob, who knew he was not going to live to be an old man, died of a massive heart attack. She was left with the six kids, two of whom were in college, one waiting his turn to go to college, one in high school, another in junior high, and the last of the brood in fifth grade.

Through all of the fifty plus years that I have known this remarkable woman, she has, even through the roughest of times, maintained her rosy outlook on life. She has rarely had a harsh word to say about anything or anyone — she could find the good in just about anyone and a bright side to almost any situation. So, to Eva Jeane, here's to a glass-half-full fourteen years until your 100th birthday!!!
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06.14.03 - 2:07 am (CT)
Well, I did it — Pool Watch 2003 — and now you all can keep track of my whereabouts between 1:00 and 3:00 pm for the rest of the season. Lucky you, but an even luckier me!

Hint: If it's at least 75, but preferably 80ºF and I'm not answering you, it's probably because I not only can't hear you over the radio, but I am actually asleep… on the raft… in the pool… with my trusty dog, Marie, floating nearby in her chair… she's probably asleep, too.

Could you do me one favor though? If it's getting near 2:00 pm and you haven't seen me “rotisserie” myself to the other side, would you please ask Marie to give me a nudge, so I won't get what I call a "catfish tan" — tan on one side and no tan on the other. Thanks. Oh, and I'm sure the water is fine, but don't come in as too many in at one time makes it more like bumper cars than sailing the vast waters of Manhattan. Thanks again.

Pool Watch 2003 brought to you courtesy of Wunderground.com, where they deliver "the most reliable, accurate weather information possible… free, real-time online weather information to millions of Web users around the world…” (How was that for a blatant, non-obligatory, neither-of-us-gets-a-penny plug?) And the rest of this nonsense brought to you courtesy of Jeane.
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06.11.03 - 9:54 pm (CT)
The article I mentioned the other day that was being written about the Black Sheep Business Group for the Sunday newspaper was pretty good. I'd tell you to have a look at John K. Ryan's (master)piece, "New Business Group Stresses Referrals" (The Star Newspapers, 06.08.03), but Digital Chicago not only doesn't want you to link directly to their articles, they don't archive them either, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

A week or so ago, I passed on my thoughts on the email about the good old days — when we lived dangerously — well, Deb over at Blogistic.com (oh, and at HelpQuest) stumbled on a site that relates to the Nigerian ScamMail that everyone must have received at least once (once, if you're lucky). She, of course, wanted to pass on her little find to all of her family and friends:

"Ever wonder how the Nigerians do it — their proliference of millions that they're willing to share with the world through email solicitations? Or is it millions they want to get from scamming the world through email solicitations? Here's the conference that'll reveal the secrets:"

The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

I must give it to John Walkenbach of The J-Walk Weblog for promoting this most beneficial conference — it sounds almost too good to be true — so check it out as you might just want to attend, and then you too will be able to "Write better emails. Make more moneys."
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06.06.03 - 11:15 pm (CT)
Well, busy, busy, and busy is what I've been. Between meetings and working on the Biz sites — JolietBiz.com and NewLenoxBiz.com — well, I'm just plain tired… but tomorrow is another day.

Today, however, I talked to a reporter for a suburban newspaper— he's writing an article for the Sunday Business Section about the Black Sheep Business Group that I told you about last month. If the article says anything decent or, better yet, spectacular, then I'll link to it, so you too can vicariously experience my thrill at being in print. Now, if it's not spectacular, this is the last you'll hear of it.

For the next couple of weeks it's going to be very busy with family gatherings and such. So much so that I'll probably be getting up even earlier than my usual 4 or 5:00 am, so I can get everything done. And the weather better improve FAST, so I can squeeze in some pool time — quite frankly, I could use the nap, uh, er, down time. Maybe I should put up a little local weather button — Pool Watch 2003 — so you'll all know if Jeane is more than likely in the pool catching a few zzzzzzzz.

I've been using the laptop to do this blog-in, and everything was just fine until I realized that my Internet connection disappeared, which leads me to a suggestion:

QUICK TIP: When purchasing a laptop, just ignore the salesman when he tells you that you don't need a floppy drive. Just in setting up the basic stuff (and a network for sure) some programs instruct you to put a floppy in the drive so you can make a whatever disk.

And right now, with the Internet AND THE NETWORK down (it must be the firewall settings again) I sure could use a floppy to just pop from here to the main computer to send this baby up.

Like I said, tomorrow is another day and I guess I'll spend part of it doing two more things — sending this up and buying an external floppy, so this doesn't happen again.
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06.01.03 - 7:11 am (CT)
I'm sure you've all received the email about growing up, as my kids would say, "back in the day". You know, when we lived, according to today's standards, dangerously. Way back before any busybody ever thought of even suggesting kids wear bicycle helmets just to pedal around the neighborhood.

Just a passing thought, but sometimes I wonder how in the world did the busybodies ever manage to grow up to issue their ever-growing list of dictats? The bicycle helmet is the perfect example — it drives me nuts to see little kids wearing helmets just to ride a bike. Those kids' parents didn't wear helmets, so how in the world did those parents manage to live long enough to even have kids?

Why weren't their brains left all over a sidewalk somewhere back in the 70's? Or maybe they were and that's why they don't have the sense to let their kids be kids, to let them screw up and live with the consequences, or to know the freedom of riding their bikes on a hot summer day with their hair blowing in the breeze instead of stuck to their heads from sweat caused by wearing that stupid helmet!

In first or second grade my oldest son, Rob, would ride his bike to school with his friends and one day on the way home he wiped out leaving part of his face on the sidewalk. He managed to survive his little ordeal with no visible scars or, for that matter, brain damage, however he does have a vivid memory of seeing his mother run faster than she ever had before or will again, barefoot, for two whole blocks. And today, well, he's a computer engineer. Who would have thunk it? Not the busybodies, that's for sure.
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