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August 1 - 31, 2003

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

08.31.03 - 5:34 pm (CT)
The end of the month is always busy for this Pageminder, as it's time to archive this month's stuff and get the new month set up on several websites, including this one. I like to have everything ready to go, so that when I get up on the first of any month all I have to do is upload the new stuff and then go on about my day as if it were any other. It seems to make life simpler and, besides, I was a Girl Scout when I was a kid, so being prepared just comes naturally.

"The Labor Day festivities have always been called FUN DAY. I didn't even realize it was 'Labor Day'… until I was much older!"
— Denise 08.30.03

There is another reason I do what I do when I do it and that is what I call "Google Timing". Google crawls this site several times a month, but the most important time that they crawl is on the first or second of every month, so by having the old stuff archived and the new stuff up and running I catch the Googlebot and my stuff is properly indexed within two to three weeks max.

And last, but not least, I have an "uh oh", as I erred yesterday about the history of the name of this weekend's festivities. It has been pointed out to me by Denise, who is a lifelong Manhattan resident, that "The Labor Day festivities have always been called FUN DAY. I didn't even realize it was 'Labor Day' that we all had the holiday for until I was much older!" So, as I always do, my error has been duly noted — now go have some fun!
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08.30.03 - 11:08 am (CT)
This weekend is another biggie for little Manhattan, Illinois, as it's time for the Fun Day "Party in the Park" festivities — actually it's the Labor Day "Party in the Park" festivities, but for some unknown reason they changed the name to Fun Day.

Anyway, we've got goings-on going on here starting Sunday evening with a dance in the park followed by the annual fireworks display. Then on Monday, in lovely downtown Manhattan, we've got the parade and then back to the park for games, rugby, and beer. If you're interested, check out the schedule at the Manhattan Community Calendar.

I usually take in the fireworks, temperature permitting, from my pool, but it's going to be a cool air weekend, so I'll probably be ensconced on the deck. As for the parade, I'm never in it, but am always there to cheer on the locals who have worked hard to build their floats (hey, this town goes all out), the various school bands, local politicians (okay, so I don't cheer for them, but it is interesting to see them glad-handing their way down the street twice a year — the Irish Fest parade in March ALWAYS has an overabundance of politicos trudging through the snow), the country western dancers, the horses and dogs, and even one year, a giant "hopped-up" grocery cart from a regional chain (they were popping wheelies with that thing).

I guess the absolute best part of parades in Manhattan is watching all of the kids with their eyes opened wide at the site of the floats, fire engines, horses, dogs, and whatever people come up with to parade through town on. And, for me, the best part of the park festivities is sitting down with a sandwich and a beer to watch the rugby matches between our very own Shamrocks rugby team and whatever team wants to take them on.

And that's entertainment for small town America! I just love it out here!!!
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08.25.03 - 12:41 pm (CT)
All of a sudden I just have passing thoughts a plenty… okay, so it's been two days between each of the last three, including this one, but that sure beats the eleven days before that. Anyway, from my page at Black Sheep Business Group I give you an MB…

QUICK TIP: When composing the content for your website, always stop and think first of what words and/or phrases potential clients might use in a Search Engine query to locate your products or services. Then use those words and phrases in your content and in your Meta tags as keywords, which will help Search Engines to properly index your site and will increase your page rank in their search results.

Okay, okay, okay, so I swiped the passing thought from myself, but it still had to be my passing thought in the first place. Plus I had to have the passing thought to actually swipe it, so therefore in my book (and that's the only one that counts here at MindBlog) it counts as a passing thought. But just to show you that I make up for any transgressions that might occur (not that this was a transgression, mind you), are you ready? Here's a twin-spin… from that same page — only it's gone now — last week's "Tip of the Week" and, now, another MB…

QUICK TIP: THE most important site to submit your website to is the Open Directory Project, as their database is the source for a high percentage of all search engines, directories, and lists, including Google.

I think I'll give that twin-spin an 85, as, even though they're nice reads and have useful information, you can't really dance to either.
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08.23.03 - 1:28 pm (CT)
I'm playing with another RSS Feed — this one is courtesy of Google Alert — a free service (for non-commercial use only) developed and provided by "Gideon
Google Alert
RSS to JavaScript
Greenspan, a PhD student at Israel's Technion… Google Alert is not affiliated in any way with Google™…" (Source: Google Alert FAQ)

I'm playing with another RSS Feed — this one is courtesy of Google Alert — a free service (for non-commercial use only) developed and provided by "Gideon Greenspan, a PhD student at Israel's Technion… Google Alert is not affiliated in any way with Google™…" (Source: Google Alert FAQ)

My sister, Peg (Peg's Picks) alerted me to Google Alert as an interesting site/service to look into, which I finally got around to doing this morning. And, once again, Peg knows how to pick them.

Google Alert, using Google's™ Web Services API, will automatically keep track of whatever you want on the Web and will notify you by email or supply an HTML or RSS Feed for use on your desktop or website whenever there is a new mention of whatever it is keeping track of for you. In this case I decided to have it track mentions of MindBlog on the Web for me (to your left for the whatever-impaired).

Kind of neat, eh? I'm toying with the idea of using it on a not-for-profit site that I mind, although I really don't know for sure if or where I'll use it other than right here at MindBlog.

BTW, I, once again (shame on me for not mentioning this before — this transgression has been duly noted here and here) used the Wytheville Community College News Center Web Service "for including customized versions of RSS feeds in Web pages". Thanks again to the WCCNC.

(NOTE: The Wytheville Community College News Center no longer offers this Web Service. We are now using RSS-to-JavaScript.com to convert and display RSS feeds on MindBlog. — Jeane Wade, 10.16.04)
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08.21.03 - 9:55 pm (CT)
The more life changes, the more it stays the same, or is it the other way around? My life is definitely changing, however I hope it does not stay the same. Although the old familiar things can be comforting, I think I'd rather find comfort in a few new things.

I must admit that this year has brought quite a few new possessions — just check out February, March, April, and May — and the place is spiffed up, but… that is not the kind of things I was thinking of to find comfort in. Don't get me wrong — I bought some mighty fine stuff, but it was just that, stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, I just got Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional to use on a couple of projects that are, hopefully, about to start. It was either buy it so I could make the PDF's myself, or pay someone else to do it. The cost benefit analysis leaned towards just doing it myself and besides, it might just be fun to play with, so I bought it.

The two projects that I mentioned earlier this month are still not done, as neither got all of their final information to me, so I await the last of their "stuff". Yep, more stuff, but at least it is the kind of stuff that I enjoy fiddling with, and that is comforting.
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08.10.03 - 9:01 am (CT)
I don't know why this poem that my brothers used to recite when I was a little kid popped into my thoughts, but it did, so a little nostalgia here folks — from the 50's and beyond:

"One bright day in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight."

One bright day
In the middle of the night,
Two dead boys
Got up to fight.

Back to back
They faced each other,
Drew their swords,
And shot each other.

A deaf policeman
Heard this noise
And came and shot
Those two dead boys.

If you don't believe this story,
Go ask the blind lady
On the corner,
She saw it all.
Author Unknown

I'm sure I've probably irritated some overly sensitive activist(s) by repeating the little ditty, but that would be just too bad, as it is a harmless poem that has, for some reason, always interested me with the play on words. Now, since it is a beautiful day here and promises to be an excellent POOL day, go have a nice day!
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08.03.03 - 11:59 pm (CT)
I've spent some time this weekend pondering the designs, layouts, and/or time frames for three new projects that I'm working on. And it's a good thing I did, as no sooner did I finish my pondering than POOF, I checked my email tonight and two of the three had finally sent over the long-awaited-for content to fill the undone pages. So, which do I do first?

On the first, the design is done, but there are the layouts of individual pages to work out, which shouldn't be much of a problem as the content is similar. The second project needs the design to be tweaked and the page layouts to be worked out. And the third is still in the concept stage — in other words, I have the job, but am waiting on the client for instructions on the site's basics of color scheme and general look.

After a few thought-filled moments, I think I'll work like a maniac to finish the second one before the end of the week, and then continue working like a maniac to finish the first by the middle of next week. And in my spare time continue to ponder the third. Sounds like a plan — as for whether it is a doable plan might just be another thing.

A total aside here… a quick note to those who gave me Feedback on my last MindBlog: I would have normally given you a response to your Feedback, but as I said at the time I was not going to consider much of anything that day, which would include responses to your encouraging notes of agreement.
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08.01.03 - 6:10 am (CT)
I'm seriously considering… absolutely nothing. Not that there isn't anything to consider, it's just that I don't feel like considering anything at the moment and, quite possibly, for the rest of the day. So, I'm not going to, well, unless something comes up.

"I'm seriously considering… absolutely nothing."

Although the chances of something coming up on a Friday are slim, especially if the weather is nice, as most folks are hoping the boss won't notice if they start the weekend a tad early. I'd consider doing the same thing, but, as I said, I'm not going to consider anything of consequence.

Maybe I'll get some pool time, and then again, maybe I won't. Not to fret, as I'm not fretting over anything today — this is a day for whatever happens to happen. Even though I certainly do have things to occupy my time, I just don't feel like thinking about them, so I won't, and they'll get done if and when they get done.

Those who know me and what my life has been like lately will certainly understand if I don't want to think about whatever it is they want me to think about, and they’ll just chalk it up to Jeane being, well, Jeane. As for the ones who don't really know me, I'm not going to consider the ramifications of that either. It's a "Que Sera Sera"* of a day.
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