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 January 1 - 29, 2010

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Incommunicado for a few
01.29.10 - 9:55 pm (CT)
I'll be incommunicado for a few days, but if I run across any passing thoughts worth passing on, I'll write them down and post them when I am not incommunicado.

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Is Atlas in the process of shrugging?
01.27.10 - 5:36 pm (CT)
There's been a lot of corporate bashing going on, a lot of picking on the biggies like Exxon-Mobil, Wal-Mart, Nike, and others. It bugs the heck out of me that people complain that say Wal-Mart is getting some of their products from overseas, or Nike is having their shoes made in say Indonesia, or gee, I can't seem to remember the complaints about E-M, there are so many of them.

Whatever their complaint, it always seems to have an anti-capitalism bent, which is really a Socialism bent. The big greedy corporations are having their products made overseas or are getting them from overseas, where they pay the people one-tenth of what they would pay someone here to do it. Never mind that what we consider a mere pittance is REAL money to those people, it's money to feed and clothe their families, it can be the difference between life and death.

They also usually point out the supposedly obscene profits being made on said products since labor is so cheap, but what they don't consider, or just plain fail to mention, is the additional costs of doing business in this country, all courtesy of the government: taxes, regulations, social security, Medicare, etc. It costs a company a MINIMUM of 25% more than they pay their employees just to employ them… and that does not include insurance and other benefits/perks.

The icing on this ridiculous corporate bashing cake is that while they are indeed getting stuff overseas where it helps third world economies, they still have their corporations here where they employ a heck of a lot of people at mucho bucks per hour and usually some nice benefits to boot. Plus, they offer some decent products at affordable prices… gee, can you imagine what those products would cost if they were made here?

In the Ayn Rand novel, "Atlas Shrugged" all the captains of industry just quit working and disappear. They're tired of all the government interference in their businesses and the people whining that they are greedy. They're tired of giving, giving, giving until they finally say that they've had it, enough's enough, and they just walk away. When they do this, the result is societal chaos and then collapse, kind of like a "Lord of the Flies" scenario where the kids when left to their own devices on a deserted island become no better than animals.

With companies increasingly outsourcing more work overseas, as well as importing more products, is that similar to the captains of industry in "Atlas Shrugged" getting tired of carrying the weight of society on their shoulders, just shrugging it all off, and leaving society to fend for itself? Not quite, but it could be the beginning of the process of Atlas shrugging.

Is it plugged in?
01.23.10 - 1:01 pm (CT)
Sometimes when things don't work, there's a simple solution like, is it turned on, and if it is, is it plugged in? I always go for simple first, and then work my way up to the difficult to downright impossible to calling in the troops, and as a last resort, tossing the sucker out. My kids think I never get to the tossing out part, they think I save everything, but I don't, I wouldn't have enough space to do that.

As far as coding for webpages goes, when there's a problem, the first thing I check is to make sure I actually saved the current work AND refreshed the page, without that of course whatever I'd done would not show up. If that doesn't produce results, then I check the new code for missing or misplaced quotation marks… that one can make a page just plain disappear. From there I start eyeballing all of my new code to look for any screwups or typos… a colon instead of a semicolon can really make a difference.

If I don't spot the error within a few once-overs, then before I get frustrated, I run my CSE HTML Validator* to see what it can find. I suppose if I did all my coding in the validator it might save a step or two, but I like using Notepad… go figure, I guess it could be considered a quirk by some. And if all else fails, I go back to my last working version of the file, which I always smartly save (dated with version) in a separate folder, and use that to start over.
One time my working backup copy of a client's entire site saved that client's bacon. I was doing just the search engine optimization while his original Webmaster was continuing to do the updating. Well, for whatever reason the backups of the site were not available from the Webmaster, but they were from me… a tada for conscientiously saving working backups of all the sites I work on.
The reason I'm bringing this all up today is because the premise of "Is it plugged in?" works for just about anything in life, simple stuff all the way to the seemingly impossible stuff. It works with a toaster or TV or a computer and it works with HTML as well as PHP and C++, so before you go screwing with the major part of the works, try looking for the simple solution first, it could be staring you right in the face.

BTW, today is 0123… and in another 35 years, it'll be 012345.

Source for C++ definition courtesy of Webopedia.

01.21.10 - 4:12 am (CT)
Making, fond, best, creative, everlasting, pet, false, motorcycle, TV, kayfabe, Nebraska, crochet, ANZAC, repressed, recovered, cardboard, haunted, mounted, San Francisco, my, shattered, translated, perfect, Milford, apron…

Unchained, collected, magazine, cherished, avocado, future, slave, digital, Indiana, keeping, Motown, G.I., magical, military, million, sweet, tear drop, project, magistical, Rocky Mountain, LIS, copper, WBL, translation, real…

Wooden, car, Spanish, Somerset, old, first, Gilmore, printable, earliest, stamping, Gerritsen Beach, vintage, video, Michael's, forgotten, railroad, precious, 1979, Orange County, BT, road trip, back porch, tomorrow's, beach, childhood…

Dreadful, MMA, scrapbook, marvelous, Mary's, Mirror Lake Inn, fear, family, Camp Hunt, 26-year-old's, your, Pearl Harbor, software, screen, wrestling, long-term, shoebox, scary, sexual abuse, Massachusetts, sports, selectively deleting, Carolina, gridiron, Alaskan…

Instant, stitching, tracing, Florida, family video, China, capturing, Park Seed, Viet Nam, rich, just, treasured, Johnston Island, new, forbidden, golden, Black Swamp, lasting, baby boomer, Victorian, toy, photographic, sweetest, miscarriage, island wedding…

Irwin Allen, create, yesteryear, music, fearful, traumatic, securing, bookshop, editing, bad, holocaust, WV mountain, clear, gospel, EZ, Chiller Theater, Elvis, radio…

30 pages of a Google Search for memories and that's what I found.

All is not lost as history repeats itself
01.19.10 - 11:59 pm (CT)
On December 16, 1773, Boston threw a tea party in Boston Harbor, and on January 19, 2010, Boston threw a second tea party… this time at the ballot box.

"It is by their votes the people exercise their sovereignty." -- Thomas Jefferson

Presenting The Pink Glove Dancers
01.13.10 - 12:56 am (CT)
"Providence St. Vincent Medical Center employees donned pink gloves and danced in support of breast cancer awareness." And now the Pink Glove Dancers invite you to join "The Power of Pink" and dance with them.

6,110,380 views as of this posting. Gee, they even have their own website, Pink Glove Dance and a Pink Glove Fansite at Facebook. And then there's the coverage by the on and offline media, too… this is Viral Marketing at its best. It is absolutely brilliant, just brilliant PR for the hospital, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, the glove manufacturer, Medline Industries, Inc., but most of all for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!

Altering the time continuum
01.11.10 - 8:39 pm (CT)
We've all done it and everyone I know will admit that they've done it, well it's not like it's some far out, kinky, or illegal thing… it's wanting to have a "do-over". You know, you've done something incredibly stupid, or screwed up royally, or something really crummy happened, and you figure if you could just do that one thing over, you'd do it differently. Okay, so say you get your do-over, you change what happened, you change history, and then what happens?

Most don't think beyond the moment, the screw-up, the really bad thing that happened, they don't contemplate what comes next. If you change one thing will having that one thing changed change something else, and what if that something else is something good, something that you really enjoyed, something you really wanted? How do you keep the good from NOT happening, do you do another do-over so as not to lose that good thing? I mean really how many "do-overs" will it take to make everything copasetic, to make everything all right, to make it to your liking.

And how will what you change affect the lives of others, or is what you want so important that what others want not even to be considered? Ethics, morality, the whole “do unto others” come into play when you want to change your little bit part in history. Every thing we do affects something or someone, whether it’s in a negative or positive way who the heck knows ahead of time, it’s basically a crapshoot, which is just the way life is. Accept it and be happy, or don’t and you’ll have to live with it anyway, because in life, there really are no do-overs, not on the big stuff, so get over it.

Instead of wanting to do the impossible by changing the past, think of what you can do differently today or tomorrow or next week to change your future, to make it better for you and hopefully everyone else. It's the old "learn from your mistakes", the old "those who forget history are bound to repeat it" — as Albert Einstein said, insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Don't be crazy, take Al's advice, quit repeating your mistakes, look forward and not back, think before you act, and change your life for the better.

Two score and six years ago
01.09.10 - 5:42 pm (CT)
It's been 46 years since my dad died and I still miss him.

Eliminate the negative by accentuating the positive
01.04.10 - 1:26 pm (CT)
I'm temporarily bummed — it involves a CW alert (don't ask) — but I'll get over it, I always do… at least some thought enough not to mention it, but I stumbled across it almost all on my own. You'd think that after a certain amount of time, things wouldn't bother you anymore, but they do… sometimes a darn good memory is not a positive, but a negative.


Video courtesy of YouTube
In a somewhat concerted effort to lift myself up from the bummer doldrums, I have decided to eliminate the negative by accentuating the positive — looking on the brighter side of it all, this has given me the renewed oomph to finish writing the book. I was just talking to someone last night about that very thing, because I've been going through everything to get this house ready to sell and there are old tax records taking up space. I decided to hang onto them in case any legal maneuvers were to result from any tomes I might pen… CMB won out.

Sing along with Jeane, come on, everybody now
01.03.10 - 9:29 am (CT)
I ran across this music video with lyrics and music blogs site while looking for the name of a song I sang in a 6th grade play, where I was Mrs. Banks in "Mary Poppins". I mistakenly thought the song was "We're Clearly Soldiers", but that was just the first few words of the song, which was "Sister Suffragette".

Anyway, I am always looking for FREE doodads, widgets, and information to recommend to others for use on their sites and lookie here, I have found another one. This cool widget from Music Babylon is FREE for use on your site. I, of course, am using the "Sister Suffragette" video with lyrics widget, however they have not only all the songs from "Mary Poppins", but also piles of videos from all genres.

The widget was simple to install, in fact I just dropped it in to my code with only one minor change: I added the target=_"blank" tag to the link at the very bottom of the widget. That bit of code opens a new window, so your site's window will stay open and then users will have a need to come back to it in the event that they get sidetracked at Music Babylon.

Now in junior high, maybe it was 7th grade, I sang "Born Free" as part of a trio… gee, I wish I could remember whom I sang it with, but I don't. I'm not one for the bright lights, but it was just one song in a choir concert for first the students and then the parents. Ah, the memories…

Born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows…

Fact, fiction, or just another opinion
01.02.10 - 1:47 pm (CT)
Whether something is in fact true can be a conundrum for most of us at one time or another. So, how to tell fact from fiction, or from just a plain old opinion, well, some of the really outrageous ones are simply a matter of observation and common sense, while others may take a little bit of research. But then one must always be wary of the sources one uses for that research, because, as I always say, "Anyone can say anything about anything, but it doesn't make it true."

Reliable sources are wonderful, but then just how reliable are they? It used to be that news organizations actually reported the news, but that is a long gone practice. Mostly now they interpret what they consider to be the news of the day for you, which makes it really just their opinion of what may or may not have occurred. Still, just because it's an opinion doesn't necessarily make it not true, but it does make it suspect … one must always do a "hmmm" on opinion pieces.

… some facts are just facts, they are irrefutable, as in: the sky is blue on a clear day, well yeah it is…
For me, it's similar to the process of elimination one uses when taking a multiple choice test and aren't sure of the answer, you eliminate the obvious wrong answers until you're down to the ones that aren't so obvious, and then pick the most likely of what's left to be the correct answer.

Last, but definitely not least, some facts are just facts, they are irrefutable, as in: the sky is blue on a clear day, well yeah it is; 1 + 1 = 2 or 4 x 5 = 20, both are simply facts, math facts; and George Washington was the first president of the United States, yes, he was, from 1789 -1797. Irrefutable facts are simply stated as such because they have been proven to be true, I mean really who in their right mind would argue… aw gee, I bet there's plenty of malcontents out there who would argue it if for no other reason than they are malcontents.

A new year, maybe a new paradigm
01.01.10 - 8:48 am (CT)
Wow, another year down the chute and now a new one to ride wherever my life takes me, although I am considering going down a different chute this year. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to go about doing that, but it will at least be interestingly different to try to do so. But first things first, I have to get set in my mind what I might want to do differently in 2010, I have to come up with a new paradigm as it were…

noun: a standard or typical example
We're not talking about changing any of my core values here, because I don't lower my personal standards for anyone or anything — it goes without saying, my principles are sacrosanct.

adjective: must be kept sacred
However, I can make changes in my life without compromising my principles, I can choose to alter my course just enough to change the chute… aw gee, I just realized that I do that all the time, I dare to be different, to be unique, to take the road less traveled… hmmm. Wait, wait, wait, since I choose to be different, to take that less traveled road, I am changing the paradigm in my life every time I do so! Yes, it is a Eureka moment for Jeane, she has worked it through in her mind, and then passed the thought along, possibly to the benefit of no one but herself, but such is life.

Now an oops moment: I plum forgot to offer you the 2010 MindBlog Calendar* when I made it a few weeks ago. As always, I needed one and thought some of you might too, hence the FREE download from me to you (see previous note).

Definitions courtesy of OneLook® Dictionary Search.
* Link deleted 12/31/10


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